Former Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Chairman Charles Schumer (N.Y.) on Thursday said this week's primary results were "great" for his party, especially Sen. Michael Bennet (D) of Colorado.

"I felt really good for Michael Bennet, and I think it's going to bolster him," said Schumer, who spoke to reporters in the Senate, where he presided over a brief recess session to pass a border security bill.

"It's going to help him win in the general. We've got an opponent who's probably out of touch with Coloradoans. So it was a very good primary for us."

Bennet won his primary race against former state House Speaker Andrew Romanoff and will face GOP candidate Ken Buck in the general election in November.

The Tea Party-backed Buck, who has advocated for eliminating the federal education and energy departments, was not the candidate favored by national Republican leaders — a fact not lost on Schumer.

"What's happened is that the hard-right of the Republicans is pulling them much further away from the mainstream than anybody anticipated," he said.