Rep. Mike Castle (R-Del.), who is running in a special election this fall to fill Vice President Joe Biden's former Senate seat, told a liberal blogger that he would consider supporting filibuster reform if he wins in November.

Castle called it "something I would certainly look at" regardless of which party controlled the Senate. 

"That's an issue that transcends Republicans or Democrats," Castle said. "It's a question of how well does the Senate function?"

The Delaware moderate said he does see some value in the argument that the filibuster rule is a good one, but said from the outside looking in "it looks as if it can distract from pursuing an agenda."

Some Senate Democrats, frustrated by an inability to move major pieces of the party's legislative agenda this year, have brought up the idea of eliminating the 60-vote threshold. But the Senate leadership admits it doesn't have the votes to do it just yet.

A spokeswoman for Castle said she couldn't confirm when the interview took place, but she didn't dispute its content.  

Castle's comments are likely to cause more grumbling among conservatives who are already warning that Castle could partner with Democrats in an attempt to pass tough agenda items like cap-and-trade in a lame duck session.