Alvin Greene, the unemployed Democrat and surprise winner of his party's Senate primary in South Carolina, is apparently starting a campaign swing, but he's not saying much.  

According to the Columbia Free Times, Greene has a new set of advisers for his campaign against Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.).  

Greene made an appearance at a meeting of the state party's executive committee and made what the paper described as "a brief speech."

Greene’s speech clocked in at around 23 seconds, which is consistent with what his campaign adviser Felipe Farley had predicted weeks ago, when he noted that Greene wasn’t going to be doing any long barnburners on the stump.

When Greene finished, one of his newer advisers stood up.

“I would like to say that Alvin isn’t being short with you — my name is Georgean McConnell and I’ve been working with Alvin — and we have a speech committee and so forth and so I didn’t want him to get into no debates tonight or anything, because it’s really not fair since he’s been very cooperative with us.”

McConnell works at the University of South Carolina School of Music in the Center for Southern African-American Music as the gospel music ambassador. She went on to describe Greene as a quick learner and a knowledgeable person.

“So I think, in a very short time, you’re going to be seeing a very different Alvin Greene,” she said.

Assuming that actually counts as a campaign speech, it's the second one that Greene has made since South Carolina's state party declined to challenge the results of his primary victory over state lawmaker Vic Rawl (D).

Last month, he spoke for about five minutes at a meeting of a local NAACP chapter in Manning, South Carolina. 

Greene stunned Rawl and the state party when he won a June primary despite not making a single campaign appearance. Rawl tried to get the results overturned citing evidence of voting irregularities but the party upheld Greene's win. 

Some state Democrats have suggested Greene was a GOP plant.