"I've been asked so many times, 'What are you doing with your bus?'" former Ohio Senate candidate Jennifer Brunner (D) wrote in an e-mail to supporters Tuesday. Turns out, she's going to sell the bus — known as "Courage Express" — to a Columbus, Ohio, TV station so it can be used in a voter registration drive.

Brunner lost to Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher (D) in the May Senate primary. Since then, she's remained somewhat politically active but has not endorsed Fisher.

She referenced the primary in her note to supporters.

"We found a way to campaign that helps Ohioans win in the future, so candidates can campaign with confidence, not overcome by special interest money or consultants who insist that it is only money at all costs that wins campaigns," she wrote.

Fisher has bigger problems than Brunner in his race against Republican Rob Portman. A new Rasmussen Reports poll shows Portman increasing his lead over the Democrat. Portman got 45 percent support to 37 percent for Fisher in an Aug. 16 survey of 750 likely voters in Ohio. The Republican had only a 4-point advantage in July.