In his first interview after Tuesday's primary, the Tea Party-backed Clint Didier had nothing good to say about his former Republican opponent, Dino Rossi. But now it looks as though Didier is moving closer to backing Rossi. 

From the AP:

Sarah Palin-endorsed candidate Clint Didier, who won 12 percent of the vote in Tuesday's Senate primary, says he's inclined to back Republican Dino Rossi to help defeat Democrat Patty Murray. 

Didier told KOMO Radio in Seattle Wednesday he'd first like to see Rossi sign a pledge not to add or increase taxes. Didier says he hopes to come to terms with Rossi to lend supporters to help defeat Murray.

Asked whether he was ready to back Rossi after Tuesday's primary, Didier initially told the Seattle Times, "I've got to see more fire in the belly. I've got to see more conviction."

Republican strategists in the state also say party officials are leaning on Didier to back Rossi sooner rather than later to avoid prolonging the narrative that Republicans aren't unified heading into November. 

"The question is, At what point will he endorse him?" said a Republican strategist with knowledge of the race. "If this drags out too long, it could hurt Rossi, and they're very aware of that."    

No comment yet from Rossi's camp. 

Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) led the way Tuesday, winning 46 percent of the vote to Rossi's 34 in the state's "top-two" primary, advancing both to the general election in November. 

Didier pulled just over 12 percent of the vote, while businessman Paul Akers managed 3 percent.