Tea-Party-backed Republican Clint Didier has a list of demands for his former opponent Dino Rossi, and he said Friday if they aren't met, he won't back Rossi against Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) in November. 

According to the Seattle Times, Didier laid out his demands at a news conference.

Didier did not endorse Rossi during a morning news conference in Seattle, but said he would if Rossi signs a pledge not to support new taxes, promises to never vote for anything that would increase the federal budget, and promises to sponsor an anti-abortion bill. Didier finished a fairly distant third in the state's top-two primary Tuesday, but the 12 percent of the vote he garnered is crucial for Rossi to capture in the Democratic state come November.

"There's no doubt he needs all of it," said Seattle-based pollster Stuart Elway. "It's clear that he's going to need all of that Republican vote and most of the independent vote to pull this off."

Murray led the way Tuesday, winning 46 percent of the vote to Rossi's 34 percent in the state's "top-two" primary, advancing both to the general election in November.

No response to Didier's demands just yet from the Rossi campaign. But on Thursday, Rossi spokesperson Jennifer Morris said, "We're highly confident Dino Rossi will continue to build a strong base of support across Washington State."

Rossi does have the backing of Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) and former House Speaker Dick Armey's Tea Party affiliated group, FreedomWorks.

A strong endorsement from Didier for his former rival would go a long way towards shoring up that support for Rossi, much of which came from the most fervent and energized members of the Tea Party movement in the state.