Turns out there's a reason Sen. John McCain has only one public event on his schedule before his election night party.

Keeping with tradition, the Arizona Republican will be heading to the movies — most likely to watch Leonardo DiCaprio.

"There's always dead time at the polls while people are at work," McCain told KMLE radio in Phoenix on Tuesday morning. "The best way to pass that time is to go to the movies, so that's what we're going to do today." 

McCain told the host that he and his wife Cindy are probably going to see "Inception," the mind-bending thriller that has garnered early Oscar buzz this summer.

As for what the senator isn't going to see, count the travel chick-flick "Eat Pray Love," and the aging action-star redux "The Expendables" on that list.

"I heard 'The Expendables' is no treat," said the lawmaker, who turns 74 years old next week. "Old Sylvester Stallone — he's getting a little long in the tooth. [laughs] Of course I know it's wrong for me to say that ..." 

The tradition of going to the movies on Election Day is part of his superstitious personality, McCain said, a part of him that not many people know about. "I'm so superstitious that it drives everybody I know crazy ... If I see a penny on the ground with the head up, I'll pick it up. If it's tails up, I pass it by."

— Elise Viebeck contributed to this item, which was cross-posted from ITK.