Nevada Republican Sue Lowden became the latest also-ran to pitch for Senate nominee Sharron Angle.

She sent an e-mail to supporters Monday asking them to contribute to AmeriPAC, a controversial conservative group led by Alan Gottlieb.

"Time is of the essence. The 'real' campaign begins next week ... right after the Labor Day weekend. And that's when we're going to need all hands on deck and bring all guns to bear (politically speaking, of course!)," she wrote. "After all the money Harry Reid has spent, and after all the lies and misinformation he’s spread, Sharron Angle is still in a dead-heat tie with the self-proclaimed most powerful man in Congress."

Businessman Danny Tarkanian (R), another vanquished Senate candidate, also sent an e-mail on behalf of Angle earlier this week.

Lowden's e-mail is the first indication that she doesn't want to disappear from Nevada politics — despite stating the contrary in a recent interview. "I just want to fade into the sunset," Lowden told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Asked what she's been doing since the June primary, Lowden responded: "I've been busy with life."