Ohio Senate candidate Rob Portman (R) left the campaign trail Wednesday to grieve for his father, who died Tuesday evening. 

Portman canceled all his campaign events to be with his family after his father, Bill Portman, 88, died at home of natural causes.

The Portman family released this statement:
"Dad was our hero, and an inspiration to everyone who knew him.  
"He was larger than life to us growing up. He was a hard worker who started his own business, building it from the ground up. But he always kept our family first. He was a caring, attentive husband and father who passed down to us the core values of honesty, integrity, faith, respect for others, and community service. He also shared with us his love of the outdoors and hunting and fishing. It was some of those moments out of doors we shared as a family together that we value most.
"Bill Portman lived a life to be proud of and was a model for all of us."