For now, Alaska's Senate race is moving on without Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), who suffered a stunning primary loss to Tea Party-backed candidate Joe Miller.

But Murkowski has yet to endorse Miller and appears to be keeping her options open when it comes to pursuing a third-party or independent write-in bid this November. 

An official with the state Libertarian Party told the Anchorage Daily News over the weekend that there have been discussions with the Murkowski campaign about a potential run on their ballot line.

Though the party already rejected the idea once, an official with the party told the Ballot Box immediately after Murkowski conceded to Miller that the party could reconsider if the senator made an appeal. 

Murkowski getting the Libertarian ballot line remains unlikely at the moment, but it's clear the senator has not yet completely ruled out trying to run this fall. 

The greatest negative for Murkowski if she did decide to pursue another ballot line would be the anger she would undoubtedly generate among the base of the Republican Party. Not to mention how the NRSC would react to such a move. 

Either way, it's a decision that has to come soon. For Murkowski to get on the ballot, she would have to replace a candidate by September 15. Her only other option is an independent bid, which would have to come in the form of a write-in campaign.