Vice President Joe Biden invoked Delaware Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell when warning Philadelphia Democrats about the danger of Republicans recapturing control of Congress. 

Speaking at a fundraiser for Pennsylvania Democrat Joe Sestak, Biden referred to "the woman in Delaware, my home state, who's giving a scare to Mike Castle" when expanding upon the positions taken by Tea Party-affiliated candidates. 

"This is not your father's Republican Party," Biden said Monday night. "This is the Republican Tea Party -- the party of repeal and repeat."

Referring to Senate candidate Pat Toomey (R), Biden added, "Joe's opponent [Toomey] is a poster boy for that philosophy."

Biden supported Sen. Arlen Specter, who Sestak defeated in the May primary, and even helped persuade the long-time Republican to leave the GOP and join Democrats in the Senate. Still, Biden said, "not one single time did I say or do anything other than recognize the incredible capacity of [Sestak]."

"I have campaigned for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of candidates," he said. "Some folks I campaign for were OK, some were great, but I can say I have never campaigned for a man with more character, integrity and capacity than the man I am campaigning for here tonight."

Biden emphasized to the audience who paid between $500-$2,400 to hear him that the Democrats will keep control of Cognress.

Voters will not want to go back to the GOP's economic policies, he said, calling them a "ponzi scheme masquerading as a vision," according to the pool report.