Republican Marco Rubio used Vice President Joe Biden's fundraising trip to Florida on Friday as an excuse to attack his rivals for supporting the administration's stimulus program.  

"Every time the president or vice president set foot in Florida, we are reminded of their unfulfilled promises to tackle unemployment and the resulting debt from their failed stimulus experiment," Rubio said in a statement.

Biden is set to appear with Democrat Kendrick Meek in Hollywood for a midday fundraiser for the Florida Democratic Party. Meek, Rubio and Florida Gov. Charlie Crist are in a three-way race for the Senate.

"Nineteen months ago, Governor Crist and Congressman Meek both put their faith in Washington politicians to spend money we don't have in the false hopes of creating jobs," Rubio said. "Today, Vice President Biden should experience firsthand the disappointment and frustration that Floridians feel."