Republican Christine O'Donnell said Thursday she is confident the GOP can succeed in repealing the healthcare reform law after November's midterm elections. 

In an interview with CNN's Jim Acosta, Delaware's Republican Senate nominee said she wants to "scrap the bill and start over," and that it's pessimistic to suggest that Republicans cannot succeed in repealing the law with President Obama in the White House.  

"That kind of throw in the towel mentality is what got us to this mess that we're in the first place," O'Donnell said. "Repealing Obama Care is absolutely realistic.  I heard a statistic this morning that one out of four Democrats are for full repeal of Obama Care." 

O'Donnell said if the president were to veto a repeal of the healthcare law "the year before his reelection, he's setting himself up to be very vulnerable. And I've seen many Hillary for president ads running." 

It's not clear what ads O'Donnell was referring to and she didn't elaborate. 

O'Donnell trails Democratic nominee Chris Coons by double-digits in recent polls and Coons announced earlier Thursday that Obama and Vice President Joe Biden will appear at a joint fundraiser for his campaign in Delaware next week.