MILLSBORO, Del. — Republican Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell ripped into the press at a campaign event Thursday night, accusing the media of not giving her campaign a fair shake. But she heaped some praise on ABC's George Stephanopoulos, thanking him for being "surprisingly fair" in a Thursday interview.  

Both O'Donnell and her Democratic opponent, Chris Coons, were interviewed on ABC's "Good Morning America" Thursday, and O'Donnell told the crowd at a 9/12 Patriots rally last night that not only was Stephanopoulos fair, but that he called out Coons for his shifting positions on tax cuts.  

After Coons said in the Thursday interview that he is open to extending the George W. Bush-era tax cuts across the board, Stephanopoulos pointed out that position is different from the one listed on his campaign website. 

Coons told The Hill on Thursday that he would be open to an across-the-board extension, but "only if we're able to reach a bipartisan agreement that also extends other tax cuts that are critical to getting our economy going again." 

O'Donnell embarked on a national media blitz after her upset of Rep. Mike Castle (R-Del.) in last month's Republican Senate primary. But she soon pulled back, opting to focus on local media instead and moving to limit access to some of her campaign events in Delaware.

On Thursday, O'Donnell said she's rethinking that strategy with the campaign in the home stretch, given that she thinks the local press in Delaware has turned against her. O'Donnell labeled Delaware's News Journal "my opponent's newsletter."  

"That's why we decided to do 'Good Morning America,' " O'Donnell said, adding that she plans to be on NBC's "Today Show" next week.