West Virginia voters torn between liking Manchin, disliking Democrats

Stacy said he's not convinced that Manchin wouldn't bow to pressure from the Democratic leadership once in Washington. Still, he called the governor "one heck of a good guy" and admitted he "won't be disappointed next Wednesday morning" no matter what happens.

Stacy came to a meet-and-greet Friday to chat with Republican businessman John Raese in the hope that he'd finally be able to make a decision on whom to cast his ballot for. But after lunch with Raese and Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.), who's making a campaign swing through southern West Virginia with Raese, Stacy said he's still undecided.  

On Thursday, another Republican stood among the Manchin faithful in a candy and snack shop in downtown Princeton. Todd Colonna, the Republican mayor of the nearby town of Matoaka, described himself as a Manchin fan and mingled easily with the roomful of Democrats and other local elected officials.  

"Manchin's a good guy," Colonna said. "I'm just not voting for him."

The Republican said in a different year, maybe he could cast a vote for Manchin, but in 2010 Congress needs a leadership change.

"I'd like to see Manchin finish his term as governor and then run after that," said Colonna, who added, "I'm not exactly a fan of Obama."

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