Republicans issued a backhanded compliment to two vulnerable Democratic senators Friday.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee wished Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown and Michigan Sen. Debbie Stabenow "congratulation" for being ranked "most liberal" in the Senate in National Journal's 2010 Vote Ratings.

The NRSC hinted that as the Democrats pop "the champagne corks to celebrate" they're likely to see this "most liberal" ranking in a TV ad sometime soon.

In the release sent to Ohio reporters, an NRSC spokesman said: “Given his love of ObamaCare, tax hikes, reckless spending and debt, it’s no surprise that Brown has been recognized as the Senate’s number one liberal extremist, but he is surely glad to receive the recognition he deserves for his big-government record."

A similar release went to Michigan reporters.

Brown and Stabenow were tied for first in the vote rankings with seven other Democrats, none of whom are expected to face contests similar to the Midwesterners.