Virginia Sen. Jim Webb wasn't interested in another term in the Senate, but he's growing increasingly active in helping the Democrats retain his seat.

altThe one-term Democrat, who announced in February he wouldn't run again in 2012, sent a fundraising plea to supporters Monday on behalf of former Gov. Tim Kaine, who is expected to be the Democratic Senate nominee next year. 

"In 2006, you joined me in our long-shot campaign to recapture this seat from the United States Senate and to bring affirmative, bold leadership to the challenges facing our nation," Webb wrote, asking for his supporters to now "harness that same spirit and determination" in supporting Kaine. 

It was the first email Webb has sent on Kaine's behalf, and is one part of his stepped up involvement in what's expected to be a competitive race, the senator's camp told The Ballot Box.

Kaine is expected for face former Sen. George Allen (R) in the general.

In the note, Webb billed Kaine, former chairman of the Democratic National Committee, as someone committed to working across the aisle with Republicans. 

"Overcoming the pettiness and partisanship that are so common in Washington is vitally important during these difficult times, and it is one of the reasons I am so proud to support Tim Kaine for Senate in 2012," Webb wrote.

The note included a photo (at right) of the two men in a friendly half-embrace. The image clicked through to the donation page of Born Fighting, Webb's political action committee.