Richard Mourdock, Indiana's Republican state treasurer, posted a new Web ad against his primary opponent, longtime Sen. Dick Lugar (R-Ind.), that insinuates Lugar and President Obama have a closer-than-appropriate relationship.

The ad, titled “Dick and Barry: The Unforgettable Bromance," includes video of Lugar and Obama complimenting each other. It then segues into a South Park-like animation in which Lugar and Obama approach each other in front of the White House, with a rainbow appearing above them.

Hearts appear around Lugar's head as Obama walks toward him. While they are next to each other, another heart appears by Lugar's head as he glances at Obama. Then he slides in closer to the president as they giggle and bounce back and forth together.

The ad is up on Mourdock's official campaign page, which states that it was paid for by Hoosiers for Mourdock, the candidate's campaign committee. When asked for comment, Mourdock spokesman Chris Connor pointed to's definition of bromance: "The complicated love and affection shared by two straight males."

Log Cabin Republicans deputy executive director Christian Berle called the ad "juvenile," but said it showed Obama was not the bipartisan president he had promised to be in 2008.

"From reviewing the video, it comes across as very juvenile," Berle said. "However, one of Mourdock's unintended consequences underscores that Lugar and other senators recognize that the president is not being the bipartisan person he promised to be. There's a slight subtext from my context of reading it, but I think it's really more juvenile than anything."

Mourdock has been running to Lugar's right, as the senator has tried to put distance between himself and the president.