Club for Growth is 'strongly' against deal

The fiscally conservative Club for Growth "strongly opposes" the compromise President Obama worked out with Republican and Democratic leaders and will include the vote in its "key vote" Congressional scorecard, the group announced Monday.

"The problems with this proposal are many, but fiscal conservatives should have obvious concerns for the lack of guaranteed future spending cuts, no requirement that a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution be sent to the states, a commission that could still recommend job-killing tax increases, and worse of all, two debt limit increases totaling over $2 trillion within only a matter of months," said Club for Growth Vice President Andrew Roth in a statement.

"As we’ve said before regarding previous underwhelming debt ceiling bills, this simply doesn't fix the country's fiscal problems. We strongly oppose it and we urge a no vote."

The deep-pocketed group has been an elephant in the room for Republican members thinking about supporting Boehner's bill. Centrist and conservative Republicans have been targets of the group in recent years for votes they considered unacceptable.

Their opposition to Speaker John Boehner's (R-Ohio) earlier plan had been one of the reasons he was forced to rework it to include a balanced-budget amendment. The group has spent heavily in the past backing primary challengers to Republicans who voted against them on major issues.

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