The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee raised $5.1 million for November, an off-year November record for the committee.

The DSCC now has more than $12 million cash on hand and has paid its debt down to $5 million, down from $6.2 million a month ago.

It kept up its strong fundraising pace despite a rough month for Democrats stemming from ObamaCare's rocky rollout. The month was also truncated by Thanksgiving, traditionally a tough week to fundraise.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee has yet to report its November fundraising numbers. It had $5 million in the bank as of the end of October.

"The reckless and irresponsible Republican agenda remains wildly unpopular and Democrats across the country are energized," DSCC Executive Director Guy Cecil said in a statement. "The Koch brothers are aggressively blanketing the airwaves in a few key battleground races, but we are raising the resources to fight back. We are incredibly thankful for our supporters who time and again have stepped up to protect a Democratic majority in the Senate."