Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) seemed to poke a bit of fun at Mitt Romney on Tuesday, joking that wearing a rival team's jersey after a loss was a "real bet."

The freshman senator is in the Army National Guard and lost a bet to Sen. Mark KirkMark Steven KirkThis week: Trump heads to Capitol Hill Trump attending Senate GOP lunch Tuesday High stakes as Trump heads to Hill MORE (R-Ill.), a Navy intelligence commander, over this past weekend's Army-Navy game. The Naval Academy won 27-21, meaning Brown had to wear a Navy football jersey at the Senate luncheons Tuesday. 

While wearing it, Brown joked "that is a real bet, right there."

His crack before a crowd of photographers and reporters seemed to poke fun of his home state's former governor, whom Brown is backing for president.

At a debate last weekend, Romney offered a $10,000 bet to rival Rick Perry, which led to criticism from both sides of the aisle and made Romney a target of late-night comedians.

Romney and Brown are the two best known Republicans from the Bay State, and both are facing tough elections — Brown for reelection to his Senate seat and Romney for the GOP presidential nomination.

Brown also tweeted a photo of himself and Kirk, with Brown wearing the jersey, and a word of warning for his Illinois colleague: "Enjoy while it lasts @SenatorKirk. You’ll look good in Army gear next year."


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— Photo by The Hill's Greg Nash.