Palin endorses Shannon for OK Senate
© Greg Nash

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) has endorsed Oklahoma House Speaker T.W. Shannon (R) in his Senate primary against Rep. James Lankford (R-Okla.), giving him a potential boost with the conservative grassroots.

"Tom CoburnTom Coburn'Path of least resistance' problematic for Congress Freedom Caucus saved Paul Ryan's job: GOP has promises to keep Don't be fooled: Carper and Norton don't fight for DC MORE leaves large conservative shoes to fill as he retires from the U.S. Senate. At 6'5 feet tall, T.W. Shannon is just the leader to fill them," she said in a Facebook post.

"We can also rest assured that T.W. will bring to D.C. the integrity and moral compass he acquired growing up attending Bethlehem Baptist Church and teaching Sunday School," she continued. "T.W. Shannon is exactly the kind of dynamic young conservative leader we need in Washington!"

Shannon has been positioning himself as the Tea Party candidate against Lankford, and the endorsement could help boost his profile and fundraising. Palin remains popular with some elements of the GOP grassroots.