Georgia Senate candidate Michelle Nunn (D) is out with another new ad, this one criticizing the ways of Washington and touting touting a ban on lawmakers becoming lobbyists.

"What's going on in Washington has to stop: politicians fighting and bickering and too often forgetting about the people they're supposed to represent," she says in the ad.

"That's why I'm for banning members of Congress from ever becoming lobbyists. I don't think congressmen should get paid unless they pass a budget, and no one in Congress should get a subsidy to pay for their own healthcare. I'm Michelle Nunn, I'm running for Senate and I approve this message because it's time Washington worked for us for a change."

Nunn is taking advantage of the crowded and increasingly heated Georgia GOP primary to build her own positive name identification with voters. As the five Republicans in the race seek to out-flank one another on the right, she's moving to the center in the hopes of winning in the GOP-leaning state this fall.

The spot never mentions her party identification.

Republicans have been critical of Nunn's position on lobbyists, pointing out that she's been the recipient of a number of high-dollar fundraisers from Washington lobbyists.