Rep. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) is up with her first ad in her Senate race, and seeks to tie both her primary and general election opponents to former President George W. Bush.

Without naming either former Hawaii Gov. Linda Lingle (R) former Rep. Ed Case (D-Hawaii), who was part of the fiscally conservative Blue Dog Democrat coalition, she hits both for their support of some of Bush's policies.

"The trillion dollar cost of the war in Iraq. Tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans. Mazie Hirono knows we can't go back to the Bush policies that have left America deep in debt," says the ad's narrator. "The only candidate for U.S. Senate from either party with the judgement to oppose the Iraq war. The only candidate who opposed Bush's tax cuts for the wealthy. Democrat Mazie Hirono: Working with President Obama to move this country forward."

Case released his second ad earlier this week, a piece that featured voters promising he would be a stronger leader than Hirono without mentioning any specific policies.

Hawaii is heavily Democratic and Hirono is running to the left of both her opponents.

Watch her ad here: