Sen. Ben Cardin (D-Md.) has launched his second television ad of his reelection campaign, while a Republican challenger took to the radio to tout his outsider status ahead of an April 3 primary.

Cardin’s ad is a positive bio-spot focusing on his advocacy for Maryland’s oyster industry, and shows him in full fishing gear on an oyster boat.

“It’s Oysternomics 101. Start with a U.S. senator named Ben,” says the narrator in the ad, explaining how Cardin helped keep oyster workers on the job, creating a positive domino effect for others in the chain of production. “It’s like he’s out here with us. He’s my friend Ben, and I hope he’s your friend too.”

Dan Bongino, the most prominent of almost a dozen GOP candidates vying to take on Cardin, released a radio ad knocking “career bureaucrats” and promoting himself as the outsider who can get the job done.

“Can we all agree that politicians aren’t getting the job done? I’m Dan Bongino: husband, father of two beautiful daughters, small-business owner and a former special agent with the Secret Service,” Bongino says in the ad. “I refuse to accept that the current crop of D.C. bureaucrats is the best we can do.”

Cardin is well-positioned to win reelection, and had $2.6 million on hand to spend on that effort, as of the end of December.

Watch Cardin’s ad:

Listen to Bongino’s ad: