Dems don't wait to attack Mourdock ahead of likely primary win over Lugar

Canter goes on to attack Mourdock for an alleged pay-to-play scandal and for backing a lawsuit against Chrysler's government-backed bankruptcy plan, accusing him of spending $2 million of taxpayer money on the lawsuit that could have cost Indiana more than 100,000 jobs, in their estimate. The attack has been one Democrats had not yet made publicly because they didn't want to help Lugar, whom most see as a much tougher general-election candidate than Mourdock. 

Democrats believe that they can beat Mourdock in the Republican-leaning state with Rep. Joe Donnelly, a centrist Democrat. But Republicans have argued Mourdock will have no problem beating Donnelly, pointing to Sen. Dan Coats's (R-Ind.) 15-point win over another centrist Democrat in 2010 and arguing Donnelly's support of Democrats' health insurance overhaul will be toxic in the race.