Maine Secretary of State Charlie Summers (R) is out with a Web ad framing former Maine Gov. Angus King (I) as hypocritical in his complaints against negative ads.

It's Summers's first in a Senate race that looks to be an easy win for King.

The ad asserts that, while King ran personal attack ads during his 1994 run for governor that launched him to a narrow win, he's now taking the opposite stance, complaining about an ad from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce that attacks him for excessive spending while governor. That tendency, to take two sides on an issue, is characteristic of a wider trend in King's political past, the ad says.

"More and more it seems Angus King likes to say one thing, and do another," a voiceover states, citing King's former disavowal of super-PACs in comparison to his campaign currently receiving funds from the big money groups.

It's telling, however, that Summers's campaign has no plans yet to run the ad on television or in paid slots online — that could reflect a widespread belief that the contest for Maine's Senate seat is largely noncompetitive. The most recent poll out of Maine gives King the support of 50 percent of those polled, with Summers far behind, with 23 percent support.