The Missouri senator's comments came a day after the last day of the Democratic National Convention, which McCaskill did not attend. McCaskill stressed that her absence from the nominating convention was not about distancing herself from the president while she's in a close race.

"Obviously, I did not go to the convention, but it wasn’t because I don’t support the President. It’s because I’ve never gone to a convention when I had a contested race," McCaskill said.

After McCaskill's opponent, Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.), said that the female body has ways of terminating pregnancies caused by "legitimate rape," most polls have shown her with a comfortable lead over the Republican congressman. 

A local television station in Columbia, Mo., said Friday that Akin campaign ads had been taken off the air after because they had not been fully paid for.

Still, McCaskill has to successfully paint herself as a centrist to retain her seat in the right-leaning state.