The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is up with its first ad of the cycle in Wisconsin, a spot that rips former Gov. Tommy Thompson (R) for his work for "Wall Street banks and big drug companies."

"Tommy Thompson went to Washington over a decade ago and he hasn't looked back," the ad's narrator says. "Instead, Thompson sold his influence and connections, becoming a partner at a powerful lobbying firm, working for Wall Street banks and big drug companies, making millions from the special interests at our expense. Thompson even admitted, 'Washington changed us.' Yes, it did."

The ad closely mirrors one Rep. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.) is running — both attack Thompson for his time spent as a Beltway insider after he left his position as Health and Human Services secretary for President George W. Bush.

Thompson retains a reservoir of goodwill in the state from his time as governor, giving him the edge over Baldwin in the race. But Democrats are hopeful they can keep the race tight by painting him as a politician who cashed in on his political power.

Watch the ad: