It features Murphy speaking to the camera, explaining that, because his father and grandfather worked in factories, his family is "rooted in the middle class." He goes on to cite a "Buy American" initiative that's a part of his jobs plan, and says that he'd cut taxes for the middle class.

Murphy contrasts this plan to Republican Linda McMahon's, which he says cuts taxes for McMahon.

"Linda McMahon's never fought for the middle class. I do," he says.

The ad picks up on a line of attack launched by Democrats during McMahon's 2010 run for Senate and continued in this election cycle — that the millionaire CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment is out of touch with average voters.

Though that attack helped to fell McMahon last time, she's made a concerted effort this year to reach out to middle-class voters, often mentioning her financial difficulties as evidence that she understands what average Americans are currently experiencing.

The race remains a toss-up, with Murphy leading by a slight margin in most recent polls, though McMahon managed to pull ahead of the Democratic nominee in late August — a feat she was unable to achieve in 2010.

Watch the ad: