American Bridge 21st Century, typically known for its opposition research, is putting $35,000 behind the mailer. The front of it reads, "Todd Akin would like a few words with you," and upon opening the card, Akin's "legitimate rape" comments — in which he said that if it's a "legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down" — plays.

The mailer goes on to play Akin's comments about Social Security — "I don't like it," he says — and his comments that student loans are like "stage-three cancer."

Though similar groups blanket homes with mailers like this one, few literally talk. American Bridge's effort comes as Akin continues to keep Sen. Claire McCaskillClaire Conner McCaskillGOP sees fresh opening with Dems’ single payer embrace Senators blast internet subsidy program It is time to make domestic terrorism a federal crime MORE's (D) lead down to single digits, only 6 points in the two most recent polls.

Although his comments substantially hurt his support among the GOP establishment, with the National Republican Senatorial Committee and other outside spending groups to this day following through with their pledges not to spend money on the race, Akin has managed to gain the backing of a number of prominent Republican voices, including Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum.

Their support, and the red lean of the state, could help boost Akin's chances in the final weeks of the election.