The ad features Laurie Meyers, the president of a rape victims' rights organization in Massachusetts, touting Brown's record on women's issues. She recently endorsed the senator in his bid for reelection.

"Scott Brown is pro-choice. He is a leader in the fight to pass the Violence Against Women Act. Scott Brown voted for over ninety percent of President Obama’s women judges. And he supports the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act," she says in the ad.

It comes on the same day that Brown released a new Web video featuring his two daughters sharing how their father have helped them pursue their careers and vouching for his character.

The two new videos are a part of a final push to shore up Brown's support among female voters, and to undo some of the damage done by Warren over the past few weeks.

In their debates, and in ads airing in the state, Warren has hammered Brown for his record on women's issues, pointing out that he backed the Blunt Amendment, which would provide an exemption to birth control coverage for employers with moral objections, and voted against the Fair Pay Act.

Brown has said his vote for the Blunt Amendment was a vote for religious freedom, and that he supported the idea behind the Fair Pay Act but not the bill itself. Brown faces as much as a 14-point deficit among female voters in recent polling, an advantage that is boosting Warren to a lead in most polls.

But the race remains close in the final weeks, and Brown's full-court press on women's issues seems to be an effort to shore up that support before Election Day.

Watch the ad: