The New York Post reports that Catsimatidis is hosting the fundraiser at his Central Park apartment in downtown New York City.

Though McConnell voted against the Hurricane Sandy relief bill, which funded relief efforts throughout New York and New Jersey, Catsimatidis defended the minority leader, insisting to the New York Post that he "was helpful in getting other GOP senators to back the bill."

“I always help my friends. I don’t forget to say thank you to those people who helped us,” Catsimatidis said, but added, “But this was not a quid pro quo.”

The mayoral candidate is a big backer of Republicans, giving $30,800 to the Republican National Committee last cycle, among other groups and candidates. McConnell is facing reelection in 2014 and has nearly $8 million in the bank, but the senator spent $20 million on his last run, indicating he's hoping to build a far deeper war-chest in the coming years.