The complaint sent to Ethics Committee Chairman Mike Conaway (R-Texas) asked for an investigation into Markey's activities, and suggested that Markey has improperly leaned on resources available to him as a member of the House to run his Senate campaign.

Specifically, the complaint said Markey improperly used "prohibited video from House floor and committee proceedings for political campaign purposes." It said Markey's campaign released three advertisements that use video from floor and committee hearings.

It also said Markey has used official House resources for political campaign purposes, citing a Boston Herald story saying that Markey's House office has increased the frequency of its press releases in a bid to boost his campaign.

"The public record makes and an investigation will no doubt confirm that there is reason to believe that Ed MarkeyEdward (Ed) John MarkeyRegulators seek to remove barriers to electric grid storage Markey, Paul want to know if new rules are helping opioid treatment Oil spill tax on oil companies reinstated as part of budget deal MORE and his campaign committee for U.S. Senate has used official resources and prohibited video content to benefit his campaign," the letter stated.

The Herald reported Tuesday that Markey's campaign spokeswoman Giselle Barry called the GOP's charges "ridiculous and completely unfounded."

"The Massachusetts GOP is manufacturing false claims to divert attention away from the fact that its three candidates are out of step with Massachusetts (voters) by refusing to take the People's Pledge and opposing President Obama's health care law," she said.

Markey's campaign completely dismissed the GOP's claims as lacking any basis in fact. The ads don't show footage of Markey on the House floor, and while one shows a still shot of Markey in a committee setting, Markey's campaign says that is a licensed, useable image.

Markey's staff also rejected as baseless arguments that Markey has released more House press releases to help boost his campaign. Staff said Markey has released about 100 press releases in the first three months of the year for the last three years — this year, while a Senate candidate, he actually released fewer press statements than he did in the last two years.

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