Her campaign also announced the support of former Republican Party Chairman Boysie Bollinger and prominent New Orleans developer Joe Canizaro.

The $1.2 million is more than twice as much as the $500,000 her only announced Republican opponent, Rep. Bill Cassidy (R-La.), raised.

But Landrieu remains one of the most vulnerable Democratic incumbents heading into reelection next year. She's running in a state President Obama lost by 17 points last cycle, and Republicans have wasted no time in attempting to tie her to the president.

But Landrieu has worked to distance herself from the president and other Democrats in the Senate. She is one of the last Senate Democratic holdouts on gay marriage, saying that while she supports it personally she's standing by Louisiana's position, which bans gay marriage.

And in a statement accompanying her fundraising numbers, Landrieu drove home her moderate bona fides.

"As the 113th Congress continues, I look forward to working with my colleagues to move toward a balanced solution to our budget challenges — one that protects and expands the middle class and achieves our goal of $4 trillion in deficit reduction during the next decade," she said.

"My eyes are focused on representing Louisianians and continuing my successful efforts to secure funds for coastal restoration, support our oil, gas and petrochemical industry and promote small business start-ups and expansion.”