Gomez launches introductory Web ad

"If you’re looking for a rigid partisan, I’m not your guy,” Gomez says in the ad, a line from his primary victory speech. “If you’re looking for an experienced, slick-talking politician, I’m definitely not your guy.”

The spot features shots of him on primary night, surrounded by family and supporters, interspersed with shots of the Massachusetts landscape. It will be advertised on search and social media.

According to the most recent poll, 32 percent of Massachusetts voters are unsure of how they feel about Gomez, indicating he has an opportunity to introduce himself positively to voters — but also that his Democratic opponent, Rep. Edward Markey (D-Mass.), also has an opportunity to define him early in the race.

That same poll put Markey ahead of Gomez by only four percentage points, a surprisingly close race in a state that voted by more than 60 percent for President Obama last election cycle.

Watch the ad:

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