“Thom Tillis has created disaster in Raleigh, leading the ultra right wing North Carolina legislature and becoming a favorite of the special interests -- the same special interests who now fund a super-PAC to elect Tillis to the U.S. Senate, ” said Justin Barasky, a spokesman at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, in a release obtained first by The Hill.

Barasky goes on to charge that Tillis has a "long record of putting his own career ahead of creating jobs" in North Carolina.

The DSCC cites criticism from one of Tillis' colleagues in the state House that his Senate intentions had affected his legislative efforts.

And it notes a super-PAC launched by Tillis' allies to support his Senate bid, called Grow NC Strong. Tillis also received support for his legislative agenda from a nonprofit group called North Carolina House Legislative Partners, which ran an ad in March touting his plans in the statehouse.

The release comes just days after Tillis announced his bid to challenge Hagan, who's considered by Republicans one of the most vulnerable Democrats in the nation.

And Tillis is a top recruit for the GOP. According to a recent Democratic poll, he has her lead down to 7 percentage points.

Aware of the potential challenge Hagan, one of their most vulnerable incumbents, would face in Tillis, Democrats have long taken potshots at him in weekly news roundups. But this is their first full-fledged offensive — and an indication of their likely argument against him going forward.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee suggested that the DSCC had made the same attack so often "it's already stale," and hit back on Hagan, charging that she hasn't done much to sell herself to North Carolina voters.

"Washington doesn’t seem to do anything right these days, and Kay HaganKay HaganLinking repatriation to job creation Former Sen. Kay Hagan in ICU after being rushed to hospital GOP senator floats retiring over gridlock MORE doesn’t seem to do anything at all – her own staff even admits she seems to 'play it safe,' on the tough issues. North Carolina will have a new Senator after election day, 2014," said NRSC spokesman Brad Dayspring.