According to local news site WHAS11, Lundergan Grimes told supporters at the annual Wendell Ford Dinner to say "yes" to defeating McConnell in 2014.

"My fellow Kentuckians, I ask you, based on tonight and in the coming months, will we send a message that Kentucky is ready for new leadership in Washington, D.C.?" she asked.

"Kentucky is tired of 28 years of obstruction and misleading leadership."

Lundergan Grimes has not yet decided whether she'll run for Senate, but Democrats are urging her to jump in the race, believing her to be their last, best remaining chance to take down McConnell.

He's got a sizable war chest and a strong campaign team, and has been building his operation for months, already going on air with a positive ad featuring his wife. But Democrats believe him to be vulnerable, citing multiple polls that show him deeply unpopular in the state.

Democrats, however, have yet to front a candidate, and Lundergan Grimes' drawn-out decision-making process has rankled some in the party who believe she's handicapping any other potential candidates, who are waiting for her to decide.

On Thursday night, Lundergan Grimes did receive some cover for her indecision, from Attorney General Jack Conway (D), who ran for Senate in 2010.

"When you're getting recruited by the DSCC and talking to senators up in Washington, they make you a lot of promises, and sometimes those promises aren't always kept," Conway told WHAS11. 

"And so, Alison is doing the smart thing when they make a promise, she's saying 'OK, really? Are you going to help me make the calls?' Because there's not enough money in Kentucky to take on Mitch McConnellMitch McConnellThe Memo: Winners and losers from the battle over health care GOP senators pitch alternatives after House pulls ObamaCare repeal bill Under pressure, Dems hold back Gorsuch support MORE. It's got to be a national fundraising effort."

Other Democrats interested in the seat include former Miss America Heather French Henry, environmental lawyer Tom FitzGerald and former Kentucky Democratic Party Chairman Bill Garmer.