The ad highlights Gomez's incomplete response to questions on contraception, his failure to release a list of clients for his time at a private equity firm and a tax return from 2005 that details a controversial tax break he took on his home and his position that tax cuts for the wealthy are unnecessary.

"Gomez has been avoiding answering some important questions," one narrator says.

"Maybe tonight's the night he'll finally fess up," another narrator adds.

It's a litany of issues the Markey campaign believes will sink Gomez in the final two weeks of the campaign.

Though Markey is still favored to win in the deep-blue state, one recent Republican showed the race tied, and most surveys have given Markey only a single-digit lead.

Democrats say they're not taking the race for granted, however, and a number of prominent national Democrats — including the president and first lady, as well as Vice President Biden and former Vice President Gore — have campaigned or plan to do so for Markey.