Republicans hammer Markey for missed votes

National Republican Senatorial Committee Communications Director Brad Dayspring noted in a press release obtained first by The Hill that on Wednesday, Markey missed 13 votes during a House Natural Resources Committee markup on a number of bills, most notably one that would expand offshore oil and gas drilling.

Dayspring said the 13 missed votes were "opportunities…to help workers in Massachusetts, get the economy moving, develop American energy, and wean ourselves off of foreign oil."

He goes on to charge that Markey's done little during his nearly four decades of service in Congress.

"Markey has been a do-nothing Member of Congress, and even a cursory look at his schedule over the last few months reveals either an arrogant or lazy candidate who avoids Massachusetts residents on the trail, enjoys mingling with special interests and lobbyists, and would prefer to hang in office buildings in Washington or his million dollar home in Chevy Chase, Maryland," he said.

It's not the first time Republicans have highlighted Markey's missed votes during the campaign. In late May, the NRSC noted he had missed a majority of the last 94 roll call votes in the House.

The idea that Markey has shirked his congressional responsibilities supports the narrative from Republicans that the congressman hasn't accomplished much in his 37 years in congress, an argument they hope will push Republican Gabriel Gomez over the edge in the Massachusetts Senate race. He's lagged Markey in every survey of the race but has managed to keep the Democrat's lead down to single digits in most polls.

But it's not atypical for an incumbent candidate to miss votes while on the trail, and on Wednesday, when he missed those 13 votes, Markey was with President Obama at a campaign rally in Boston.

Markey spokesman Andrew Zucker said in an email to The Hill that the attack on Markey's missed votes was a "distraction" from a recent Boston Globe report on Gomez's career in private equity.

"Today's front page of The Boston Globe revealed that during his years in private equity Gabriel Gomez helped lay off Massachusetts workers and shipped their jobs overseas while creating manufacturing jobs in China, so it’s no surprise that national Republicans are coming to his defense with a desperate attack designed to distract voters from Gomez’s embrace of the national Republican agenda on guns, choice, Social Security, tax fairness and a host of other issues," he said.

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