“I’m not going to talk about advantages or disadvantages that any candidate has. There‘s got to be interaction with the people and that’s what I’m doing, directly interacting with people," he said on Wednesday, according to Politicker NJ.

"I think people on Aug. 13 will make a decision based on who they believe can best get things done."

The primary is scheduled for Aug. 13, and both Pallone and Rep. Rush Holt (D) are lagging Booker in the polls, who leads them by substantial double-digit margins.

Pallone said he believed himself to be the best candidate because he'll be one to go down to Washington and act.

“We need a senator who’s actually going to go down to Washington, reach across the aisle, pass legislation and make a difference,” he said.

He touted his work on the Affordable Care Act and his work on legislation to keep the shore clean.