Paul on Benton: It’s McConnell who has to hold his nose

“The funny thing about that is I know the campaign manager well, and I've been on the campaign bus with him before,” Paul said on CBS’s "This Morning." “I'm guessing it's McConnell who has to hold his nose sometimes.”
CBS anchor Charlie Rose urged a chuckling Paul to elaborate.

“We'll have to just let that stand as is, you know,” he responded. “But, I've met and worked with the campaign manager, and I've seen nothing but sincerity and desire, really, to have Senator McConnell reelected, and I think he'll do everything within his power to make that happen.”

Benton is a longtime aide to Paul's father, former Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas). His decision to work for McConnell surprised political observers, as McConnell opposed Rand Paul’s Senate candidacy in 2010. 

Benton and McConnell say they’ve patched up their differences, although the campaign manager acknowledged McConnell was “hurt” by his comments.

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