The Rutgers-Eagleton poll gives booker 64 percent support to Lonegan's 29 percent support. 

And a vast majority, 63 percent, view Booker favorably, while only 19 percent view him unfavorably. He's received few attacks from the left or the right that have stuck throughout the campaign and looks well-poised to head to the Senate in October.

Lonegan is a far more divisive figure, with 22 percent each viewing him favorably and unfavorably.

He's come under fire for controversial comments he made about Booker's dismissal of speculation over his sexuality. And has never managed to pick up steam among Republicans in the state or GOP outside groups that could come to his rescue, precisely because of his penchant for such controversial comments.

Still, Lonegan's campaign seems unbowed by the disappointing numbers. Campaign manager Rick Shaftan posted on Facebook Wednesday an explanation of "skewed" polling and said the note was "excellent commentary on polling and why media polls on the NJ Senate race are so far off."

Rutgers-Eagleton polls are, however, well-respected in New Jersey, and there's little indication the sample is skewed in favor of either candidate.

The survey was conducted among 462 New Jersey likely voters from Sept. 3-9 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.5 percentage points.