The DSCC has more than three times as much cash on hand as the NRSC, with $9.4 million to the NRSC's $2.3 million. 

However, the NRSC has completely paid down its debt, while the DSCC had $8.7 million in debt at the end of August. That's a decrease from the $10 million in debt it was carrying at the end of July.

This was the DSCC's best off-year August ever. The committee has outraised the NRSC nearly every month this year. The Republican committee recently shuffled its fundraising staff, taking on a new finance director.

But the DSCC has had to contend with a stubborn debt for much of the year. In contrast, the NRSC ended August with $4.8 million cash on hand and $2.5 million in debt, but paid off the debt on Sept. 3, leaving the committee with its current $2.3 million cash in the bank.

--This piece was updated at 9:27 a.m. to reflect the DSCC's debt.