The Saturday event is hosted by the Tea Party Express, and follows weeks that have seen increased interest in the New Jersey Senate race, as multiple polls have shown it to be closer than expected.

Republicans believe with the low turnout expected for the oddly timed election, they may have a shot at an upset.

Still, Democrat Cory Booker is expected to easily win next Wednesday. Lonegan has struggled to raise funds and hasn't, until recently, picked up much traction locally or nationwide, and New Jersey is a very Democratic state.

But with two consecutive polls showing Booker's lead in the low double-digits, Lonegan received a boost of support from a number of national conservative groups and leaders, including the National Rifle Association and Palin, who endorsed Lonegan last week.

Booker, however, has gone on air with his first negative ad in recent weeks and is launching a five-day bus tour across the state in advance of Election Day to get out the vote.