New York Republicans will have to keep looking for a serious challenger to Sen. Charles Schumer (D).

CNBC's Larry Kudlow had been flirting -- as many in New York are these days -- with the idea of running for Senate. Conservative bloggers were growing excited about the prospect of a Kudlow-Schumer race and a Draft Larry Kudlow Committee was fully operational.

But in an interview with Human Events Friday, Kudlow said he has "no plans" to launch a campaign "at the present time."

"I'm very flattered by all the attention and quite frankly surprised at the size of the draft movement which has developed. So it has my attention," Kudlow said. "But, and this is a very important thing, and from the heart, I love my work at CNBC. I just love it. And that's the reason why I have no plans to run for the Senate at the present time."

h/t Michael O'Brien