The Oscar-nominated film Avatar is generating controversy -- in the Arizona Senate GOP primary. Former Rep. J.D. Hayworth (R) is using an Avatar-ed photo of Sen. John McCain (R) in a banner ad that has appeared on the Drudge Report for the past several days. The ad says McCain is a nominee for "best conservative actor."

On Thursday, the McCain camp called for Hayworth to take down the ad and "apologize" for the "outrageous offense." McCain campaign manager Shiree Verdone also said the ad is "insulting to Native Americans here in Arizona and across America."

The Hayworth campaign declined to apologize and is standing firm on the ad. As of Friday morning, it still appeared at the top of Drudge's homepage.

Update: There are, in fact, two versions of Hayworth's Avatar-themed ad. The second one features McCain with a dark blue face and light blue paint.