Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) is hoping actors Danny DeVito and Rhea Pearlman will provide her campaign a much-needed boost this weekend.

The incumbent Democrat enlisted both Hollywood comedians' help on Saturday in an e-mail sent to supporters, ahead of a 2010 re-election fight she described over Twitter on Sunday as "no laughing matter."

In the e-mail, both DeVito and Pearlman call themselves as "two of Barbara's biggest fans." They then implore California voters to help Boxer's campaign reach its $250,000 fundraising goal by March 31, the Federal Election Commission's next reporting deadline.

"It’ll be a chance for the “chattering class” of press and pundits, as well as Barbara’s opponents, to see where everybody stacks up as campaign season really heats up," wrote the two actors, who also hosted a fundraising dinner for Boxer at their house this weekend.

"We can’t imagine Washington, D.C. without Barbara Boxer," they continued. "We’ve got to make sure that Barbara is in as strong a position as possible — and that means helping her campaign reach its $250,000 grassroots fundraising goal before March 31."

According to the campaign, Boxer is less than $100,000 away from reaching that goal. Still, Boxer's latest fundraising pitch underscores how much the California Senate race has changed, just in the past few months.

Pundits once belived Boxer had locked up another term, but increasing criticism of Boxer's voting record, combined with an electoral landscape that seems to favor newcomer Republicans, has kicked the Boxer campaign into high gear. Even the president plans to visit California next month to stump for Boxer, who still holds slim leads over all three of the senator's possible GOP competitors.