John McCain spent more in the last three months than he did in his entire 2004 Senate primary.

His campaign announced Wednesday that it raised $2.2 million this quarter and now has $4.5 million cash on hand. The Arizona senator came into 2010 with $5.05 million banked, which means he's spent $2.75 million in the last three months. In 2004, McCain ran unopposed in the GOP primary and spent $2.1 million defeating a poorly funded Democratic opponent in the general.

J.D. Hayworth, McCain's primary challenger, hasn't yet released his numbers but a spokesman said they were "pleased" with the figures.

Meanwhile, the McCain camp is keeping up the pressure on Hayworth to disclose the donors to his legal trust. "Hayworth has pledged that at the same time he files his 1st Quarter FEC report, he will come forward with the names of all donors to his FIT Trust," McCain spokesman Brian Rogers said in a statement. "The question remains: Will Congressman Hayworth live up to his word and release this information?"

Hayworth's campaign has said it would release the donor information by April 15, when Federal Election Commission reports are due.