FIORINA: "Also you know that's not true."

DEVORE: — "she said on MSNBC that she was in favor of the bailout of Wall Street. She was promoting it."

HANNITY: "Oh boy, a fight's about to break out. What is that 11th Commandment that Ronald Reagan..."

DEVORE: "It's about issues, not personalities."

FIORINA: "It's important to know that Chuck and I have been over this ground many, many times. I am on record many, many times not supporting the bailout."

Later on Tuesday, DeVore met Campbell in Irvine for a moderated debate. Campbell -- who couldn't make the Fox News broadcast because of a scheduling conflict but ran a TV spot during the show -- made a play for the pragmatic GOP primary voter.

"I don't care if someone's gay or straight, and I think using the federal government to break up medical marijuana dispensaries must mean that we have caught every terrorist," he said. "I am social moderate and fiscally conservative. I won't get caught up in the social issues that other candidates might."